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Whippoorville Farms is a small organic produce farm located in Hickory, North Carolina. Whippoorville encompasses approximately 22 acres in the Mountain View area of Hickory. We utilize two small garden plots that combined, total almost one half acre. We are expanding to two more .25 acre plots for the 2013 growing season. We have also started a small fruit orchard which has Muscadine type grapes that were rooted from my family's 50 year old vines. Eventually the orchard will encompass fruit and nut trees as well. We have been growing produce since 2000 and have been selling at local Farmers' Markets and on the web since 2007.

I grew up helping in my Grandparent's garden during the summer months. My Grandparents had a significant impact on me and my philosophies about gardening and preservation. Every year the fields were turned, planted, harvested and preserved. There is no time in my life that I remember not having fresh vegetables from those gardens. I believe this is what started my strong passion for self sufficiency. I believe that it is crucial to be able to provide for yourself and your families through all means with the highest importance being food production and preservation. My Grandparents used to tell me their stories of the Great Depression and how they never ever went without. This is due solely to their dedication to sustainable agriculture. I believe most Americans have completely lost site of this sustainability. We are a society of convenience. This reliance on others is what sparked the drive to make Whippoorville Farms a completely non-reliant form of living. Everything that this land provides us is usable and beneficial in some form or another. As the old saying goes, "waste not, want not".

We grow many different varieties of vegetables, herbs and plants. From cool weather crops to those summer delights that we all desire, Whippoorville Farms grows approximately nine months of the year. From year to year we try different things just for fun. Some of them make it to the permanent growing rotation and some just wilt over and die. As my Grandmother used to tell me, "it is all an experiment!". We grow both heirloom and hybrid varieties of produce. We don't discriminate between the two because there are so many wonderful species that there is no room for prejudices. We do however use organic or untreated non-GMO seed. We grow organically because that's just the way I was taught. We grow all of our produce and transplants by NOP (National Organics Program) standards and do work with a USDA certification organization when we have questions or concerns. We farm for the love and satisfaction of knowing exactly where our food comes from. Hopefully you as our customer will have the same satisfaction when you enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Whippoorville Farms
(2005 - Aerial View)

Whippoorville Farms
(2007 - Aerial View)

Whippoorville Farms
(2011 - Aerial View)